We're committed to an authentic trust economy

At Cloutly, maintaining a trustworthy and reliable review platform is paramount. We are committed to ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the reviews shared on our platform to foster a truthful and transparent environment for both businesses and customers. To uphold the integrity of our platform, we have implemented a robust mechanism to identify and moderate spam or fraudulent reviews.

  1. AI-Powered Detection System:
    We employ a sophisticated AI detection model that scrutinizes every review submitted on our platform. This model is capable of identifying patterns, discrepancies, and behaviors associated with spam or fraudulent activities. It is continually refined to adapt to new fraudulent techniques and behaviors.
  2. Manual Review:
    In addition to our AI detection, we have a dedicated moderation team that performs manual reviews of flagged or suspicious reviews. This blended approach ensures a high level of accuracy in distinguishing genuine reviews from fraudulent ones.
  3. Reporting System:
    We encourage our community to report any suspicious reviews. Once a review is reported, it will be queued for manual assessment by our moderation team to determine its authenticity.
  4. Transparent Moderation Process:
    Our moderation process is transparent and fair. Businesses and customers are informed if a review has been flagged or removed and are provided with an avenue to appeal decisions they believe are incorrect.
  5. Education and Awareness:
    We continually educate our business partners and consumers on the importance of genuine reviews and the detrimental effects of spam and fraudulent reviews. We also provide guidelines on how to spot and report suspicious reviews.
  6. Continuous Improvement:
    We are committed to continually improving our detection and moderation processes by investing in research, technology, and training to stay ahead of fraudulent activities and ensure a trustworthy review environment.
  7. Privacy Compliance:
    Our processes are designed to fully comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations, ensuring the protection of personal information while combating spam and fraudulent reviews.

This policy reflects our unwavering commitment to creating an authentic and reliable review platform that benefits both businesses and customers alike. Through a blend of cutting-edge technology and human oversight, we strive to maintain a clean and honest review ecosystem on Cloutly.

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