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Drive 3x more reviews with campaigns

People are busy. Review requests get overlooked. You shoot your shot, but no-one's home.

Not anymore.

Cloutly campaigns use a smart-step messaging system to elegantly engage your customers across SMS and email, maximising your chances of scoring a review.

Review campaigns send messages over SMS and email

Use video to stand out in your customer's inbox

Go beyond boring emails and engage with your customers on a whole new level.

Using Cloutly, you can create and send personalised video messages for different customer segments. Make your review requests irresistible by adding a fun, human touch.

Uncover your biggest customer advocates

Keep track of your contacts, see who's reviewed you, respond to them and keep your finger on the pulse of the customer experience.

Cloutly helps you identify your brand evangelists, so you can thank them, celebrate them and maybe offer them something special in return.

Manage your contacts and see who has reviewed you
Matthew Clarkson

"Cloutly is an excellent and simple to use review management platform. It's now really easy to automate collecting customer feedback across multiple platforms for ourselves and our clients."

Matthew Clarkson, COO @ CEMOH

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