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Creating a Google review QR code for your business just got easier with our simple to use tool. Simply search for your Google location using the dropdown menu above, then enter your email address. We'll send through your very own Google review QR code marketing pack, including branded posters and QR codes ready to print and display in your business.

Here's what you'll get

Our Google review QR code generator will create a ready-to-go QR code and marketing page that links to your Google business profile. You can print it off, display it and start driving more reviews immediately.
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It's easy to collect Google reviews with a QR code, especially when you can't email your customers

Don't pay $5 per month to create a single QR code. Cloutly's Google Review QR Code generator is free and easy to use, allowing you to immediately start collecting reviews, building trust and winning new customers.

Boost sales with review qr codes


Nearly 90% of consumers read online reviews

And over 81% actively use Google to evaluate local businesses, like yours. It's where search starts, and it's where you need to be found. That's why ramping up your Google review efforts is so important to winning new customers.

How should I use my new Google review QR code?

You might be wondering if creating a QR code for your business is worthwhile, and if it is, how you should use it to maximize its impact. Here's the great news: there are dozens of ways to implement one of these generated QR codes; it's your fast-track way to increase your Google reviews and boost sales.

Here are a few broad use cases:

Display your QR code at the point of sale to capture reviews
In-store and point of sale displays

Run a bricks and mortar or retail business? Adding a reviews QR code in one (or bulk QR codes to many) of your stores can be a fast way to turn retail foot traffic into greater local visibility, improving your rankings and helping future potential customers find you!

Google review QR codes can be used in menus, flyers and printed collateral
Marketing materials and printed collateral

From small business marketing displays like menus, brochures, flyers or booklets, to events signage, posters and business cards, implementing a custom QR code for reviews is a surefire way to boost trust, boost sales and get your Google business profile pumping.

Google review QR code for restaurants, bars and cafes
Restaurants, cafes and hospitality venues

Retailers, restaurants, cafes and bars can use a QR code for Google reviews to seamlessly capture feedback from customers who don't provide you with their email or phone number. After all, who gives out their email at a coffee shop? Scanning a code is so much easier.


Why is this the best Google reviews QR code generator on the internet?

Trying to find a Google review link for your business using "place id" or digging through your Google Business Profile is a frustrating experience. That's why we created this free Google Review QR code generator for you to use. It's as simple as entering in your Google Business location name, selecting the correct location from the dropdown list and filling in your email address. That's it! We do the hard work behind the scenes and send your code directly to your inbox as part of a local business marketing pack. It's a super-fast way for your business to begin collecting online reviews.

Can I add my business logo and branding to the GMB QR code generator page?

We'll automatically try and get your logo from your online profiles (Google My Business, Facebook etc). If you'd like to upload a custom logo (or a higher-res version of your logo), sign up to Cloutly for free to fully customize and create your review landing pages.

Why did you create this QR code for Google reviews tool?

For two reasons. The first is that we genuinely wanted to solve a problem we had ourselves, which had become very annoying (creating QR codes for Google reviews, mostly for our clients). The second is that selfishly, we hope you love this tool enough to consider trying out our reviews software - Cloutly - the all-in-one reviews platform that lets you ask customers to review you by using video! We're humanizing the reviews experience, turning something boring into something exciting. You can try Cloutly free for 14 days (no credit card required).

Can I add other review sites into this Google QR code tool?

When you sign up for a free trial of Cloutly, you can create Review Links and QR codes that direct customers to ANY review site you want (or multiple sites!). Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Zomato... you name it, you can create it. Using Cloutly, you can also add videos into your review pages for a more authentic, engaging experience with your customers. Try it out today!

Why are Google reviews important for your business?

Picture this: you're in a new town, looking for a place to grab some lunch. You pull out your phone and start scrolling through local options - but how do you know which place is worth your time and money?

Enter Google reviews! These handy little ratings and comments can be a game-changer for local businesses like yours. By showcasing your positive reviews, you're not just building trust with potential customers - you're also showing them that you're the real deal.

Think about it: when someone's on the fence about trying a new business, they want to know that they're making the right choice. By displaying your 5-star ratings, you're giving them the confidence they need to take the plunge and give you a try.

But that's not all! Google reviews can also give your business a serious boost in search results. When people search for local businesses, Google takes into account the quality and quantity of reviews you have. That means the more glowing reviews you rack up, the higher you're likely to appear in local search results - and the more eyeballs you'll get on your business.

And let's not forget the best part: Google reviews give you a direct line to your customers' feedback. By reading through the reviews that people leave (even the negative ones), you can get a sense of what you're doing well and where there's room for improvement. With that kind of insight, you can keep fine-tuning your offerings and keep those positive reviews rolling in!

So if you're a local business owner, don't sleep on the power of Google reviews. They're a simple and effective way to build trust, improve your search ranking, and get valuable feedback from your customers.

How to create a QR code for Google reviews

The typical process for finding your Google review link can be tedious, and Google doesn't provide you with a way to turn your review link into a QR code (let alone a fully-fledged Google marketing pack). You'd need to log into your Google My Business account, trawl through the menus, find the "Share Review Form" button, copy the link,  then find a QR code generator to paste it into. Then, you'd have to export that QR code, open up your graphic design software and begin to design your own page. That's a lot of effort, so we've done it all for you. Our Google business QR code is already branded, already designed and already linked up to your review page. Neat!

Creating a QR Code for Google business reviews (the old way)

If you want to create a QR code for Google reviews the old-school way, you certainly still can. Below, we'll give you a quick run-down on how to do it in 6 steps (as you can tell, much lengthier than using our simple tool above).

1. Search for your business in the Google Place Finder Tool here.
2. After searching, select the Place ID from the tooltip and copy it.

Google Place ID Finder Tool

3. Insert your Place ID into the following reviews URL (replace the placeholder): YOUR ID HERE

4. Find a QR code tool online with a quick Google search (there are plenty of free ones, just make sure any codes you create don't expire).

5. Copy and paste your modified reviews URL from Step 3 into the QR code tool to download your QR code.

6. Add your new QR code into a design, or just print it off as-is.

Done! But why go through all that effort? Use our QR code for Google business reveiws above. It's a one-step process to achieve an even better result.

✓ Free 14-day trial

✓ No credit card required

✓ 40+ review sites